How it all began...

For many years now I have been in the IT world. It started as a network technician at SWR in Baden-Baden, continued as a UNIX system administrator in a publishing house in my former home town, right into the dot-com hype of the 2000s as a full stack PHP developer (incl. setting up and maintaining LAMP-Systems), briefly lost my way in the Windows world as a developer of software for a local energy provider with a really cryptic programming language, until I finally got stuck with macOS and iOS as platforms of my choice.

But at some point - and this must be the so called midlife crisis - I was more and more faced by the question of the relevance of my work. I do work without really creating anything. It always will be in the eye of the beholder what you'd like to call "creation". For me, however, it means that I can hold something in my hand, grasp it and feel it. Even after 20 years. And that's exactly what I was missing more and more.

There is a very common phrase in the IT industry:

Something about wood.

I didn't want this to be just a phrase for me. I wanted to bring it to life.
So I discovered a new hobby for myself: Woodworking.

That was 10 months ago. It started in September 2017. I thought that woodwork might be a great combination to what I do professionally. Wood with a bit of software and electronics all around. Since I'm a bit, let's call it audiophile, the idea of building loudspeakers wasn't that ambitious. And "blame" for this whole mess is a video of the YouTube channel Kirby Meets Audio 😊.

That's exactly what I wanted to do! The next weeks I started to devour videos of this platform. My subscription list on YouTube changed from 100% IT and software development to 100% woodwork. At this time I also started on Twitter with an all-round turn. Many accounts I followed were kicked out. New accounts, all woodworkers, were added. It felt so good. 😊

Well then - This blog wants to document my work as a woodworker.
The journey may begin, I am curious...